Thursday, July 2, 2009

Download Dev-C++

Download Dev-C++

To create a program it requires two special software i.e. editor and compiler. Editor is used to write source code and compiler to convert source code into the language that machines understands which is known as binary language.

A development environment - is one in which compiler and editor are combined into single package. After finishing with source code just click a button to create executable files. Dev-C++ is a development environment in which after writing the source code, we just have to press F9 and it complies and run both with just a single click.

I recommend you to download Dev-C++ because it is free and has all the feautre that you will need. Dev-C++ is a full-fledged public domain C++ environment. Dev-C++ supports the entire C++ language. It is an ANSI compliant. It has 32-bit compiler.

So feel free to download it from You will see various version of Dev-C++ there but download the latest one.


Clik here to download directly the latest Dev-C++

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  1. I could not download this because it is .exe , I have a Mac

    1. Use CodeBlocks. It is better than Dev-C++ and it cross platform (Available in WIndows, Linux and Mac)

  2. Now You Can Download DEV C++ use the following link
    Dev C++ Latest Version

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